Aerial Data Collection Specialist

Apex Drone Imaging provides professional sUAS (drone) inspection, data collection, analysis, management and consultation services. Specializing in Geographic Information System (GIS) integration, Apex Drone Imaging provides scalable turn-key data and technology solutions for a wide range of uses and applications.


We strive to be the best!

At Apex Drone Imaging we strive to be an industry leader in unmanned aerial data collection. We take great pride in professional service, safety of our operations and the quality of our work. We further separate ourselves from other providers through:

  • Emphasizing a safety culture through all operations

  • Integration with industry professionals in engineering and mapping

  • Carrying high levels of insurance that meet or exceed client requirements

  • Data Integruity

  • Maintaining and developing FAA Part 107 waivers, such as night time operations and authorized flights in controlled airspace

  • Deploying data and cyber security best management practices


At Apex Drone Imaging we uphold a Code of Ethics in the drone services industry. We operate legally in every aspect of what we do. Apex is dedicated to providing our clients and community with superior quality aerial imagery and data, with industry driven solutions by utilizing the latest sUAV technology. We uphold the highest Standards of Service, Quality and On Time Delivery of our Product.


Why Choose Apex Drone Imaging?

We can help make your next project a success!

Safety First

We always put an emphasis on SAFETY  during our operations. Our drone based visual inspections and analysis keep your employees out of harms way.

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Cost Effective

We can do our job during your normal operating hours, avoiding a traditional shutdown and saving you money by keeping you operating.

we're professional

Apex Drone Imaging employs only FAA Part 107 certified remote pilots. Don't put your business at risk by hiring non certified companies.


Change your perspective!

Let our team of expert drone photographers and trained video editors create a stunning marketing tool for your business. Our team will create images, angles, and views your customers have never seen. Let us showcase your products like never before.

  • Identify and promote brand-new selling points.

  • Influence your customers in a way your competitors don’t.

  • Extract hidden value in your offerings.